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Padres y Educadores
Parents and teachers


Our educational adventures are aimed at children aged 6 to 12 years old and have been specially designed for them by practising teachers.
The adventures take place in fun settings where the characters have to overcome a series of obstacles to finish the game.
Throughout the game the child will find educational activities which he has to complete successfully in order to continue making progress. These activities will help him reinforce, and even on occasions learn, the content of the school curriculum in the maths, language and environment subject areas, thus making learning fun.

Some of the main content areas included in the game are:

- Solving maths problems.
- Mental arithmetic.
- Composing and breaking down numbers.
- Operations with decimals and fractions.
- Recognizing syllables and letters.
- Types of nouns and sentences.
- Spelling in words and texts.
- Tenses and modes of verbs, etc.

... also practising:

- Spatial orientation.
- Oral and written understanding.
- Visual memory.
- Attention and concentration.
- Respect for others and the environment.
- Interest in finding out about different cultures.
- Good relations between the sexes, and non-discrimination on social, racial or sexual grounds.

In short, a varied range of content, able to hold the child’s interest throughout while he learns and has fun.


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